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Our enterprise has constantly adopted innovation to offer an elevated grade of superiority for our clients.

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Our core values embody your character and motivate us in our business set up services. We know a lot and are ready to share our knowledge for the benefit of your business.


Repatriation of the capital and profits


No corporate and personal income taxes

Full control

Investors of all nationalities and countries of origin have 100% ownership.


Earnings from a holding company situated offshore are not subject to taxation.



Office in Dubai

Expanding your Business

Our comprehensive business set-up
packages are ready to assist you in expanding
your business presence in the UAE.

Visa Resident

Resident Identity / Visa

You will need to comply with the visa requirements set by the UAE authorities.

Virtual office

Virtual office

No need for rental equipment, workspace, or management personnel.


Banking Services

Experts expedite process, assist in finding best bank account for business.


Full support

Our experts in company formation can help foreign investors in all aspects of business growth.

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Sustainability and development

About Us

As one of the most prominent business setup companies in the UAE, we at provide a comprehensive range of services for setting up small, medium, and large businesses in Dubai and other areas of the UAE. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and guide us in providing our business setup services. We celebrate the diversity of our team, and our strategies are carried out with the utmost attention to detail.

We partner with entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone looking for a straightforward business setup in Dubai mainland, free zones, or offshore regions.

We Follow Best Practices

We conduct our business with transparency and uphold the highest levels of integrity. Our professional services in Dubai include:

Setting up a business in Dubai can be an arduous task. However, the business formation services we offer can make the process quicker, simpler, and more profitable.

How can we help you?

Through us you have a connection with the government

We have government relations officers who help with the processing of documents (governmental, legal, etc.) required to open a business in Dubai. We provide document cleaning services. This function is performed by a public relations officer.


A company based on the Mainland is a legally recognized entity which can operate freely both within and outside of the country, without any limitations.


In the UAE, there are certain areas that have been designated as Free Zones, where expatriates can own and operate their own businesses.


A company based in a foreign country and managed by foreign investors seeking to enter international markets is known as an Offshore company.


Our experts

Steven Marks

Expert in banking services

Maden Beinoyeva

Visa processing expert

Roman Madyanov

Expert on taxes and protection

We collaborate with departments

Our connections speed up the process of launching your business at Emirates.


Whar Our Clients Say


Director of the GMP Implementation Company

Alice Howard

The United Arab Emirates is the best place for startups and investors. These guys know a lot about their work and they helped me a lot.

Head of a Design agency

Nathan Marshall

I have scaled my business in the UAE thanks to the services of this firm. It was so simple and convenient that I am ready to recommend this company to everyone.


Ema Romero

Opening a bank account, obtaining a visa, a trade license... all this is such a headache, but with these experts you will not feel anything except benefits and pleasant impressions. Thanks for the road for my business!

Managing IT company

Ann Smith

We work with customers from Dubai, thanks to a virtual office. We save on taxes! We thank the whole team for participating in the organization of our business!

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Our Aspiration

Our goal is to be the most reputable firm offering the highest quality of service to investors and entrepreneurs everywhere who seek to establish their desired businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Our vision is to help our clients reach their business goals by developing and implementing the most effective business setup strategies.


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